Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year = New You!

Most of us say ‘Happy New Year’ impassively but frequently during the first few weeks of January – but how many of us actually feel happy? It’s a great time to make an effort to resolve a few of our least attractive habits i.e. eat less junk, drink less alcohol, but unless we actually see a visible difference quickly, this strategy barely lasts out the month before we revert ‘back to type’.  Why not try something different this year – instead of tackling everything from the inside out, do both, inside and outside i.e. improved health and rejuvenate our appearance.  This doesn’t have to involve surgery or rocketing costs.  For under £100 it is possible to have one of the following for example: a professional chemical peel, a number of thread vein treatments, collagen stimulation, hair removal or even a non-surgical face lift.  Any one or a combination of these can give our confidence a major boost and this in turn is scientifically proven to give us more drive and determination in other areas of our lives such as work, health and fitness.  A single session can take under half an hour and the effects can be permanent depending on the treatment undergone.
So don’t let the January blues settle in, make a fresh start to the year and give yourself a visible boost that can be as noticeable as you’d like, subtle or truly amazing, the choice is yours.  This new year why not permanently look ‘yourself on your best day, every day’. There is no time like the present after all!