Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year - New (Improved) You

Welcome to ‘Skin Deep’ – This month’s feature looks at our ‘New Year – New You’.  
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Wow, it really doesn’t seem like a month has passed since the last article, describing the ‘Christmas Top Five Treatments’. Now the New Year has been and gone, such a lot can change in a short period. It is traditionally the time that we tend to cut back on, well, pretty much everything i.e. less food, less alcohol, less shopping etc. However, it could be an ideal time to start doing more for ourselves rather than less. Having a post-festive break off high fat and carbohydrate based products is definitely a good way of ‘downsizing’ back into our favourite jeans but sometimes we need a little additional help to keep our spirits up. Radiofrequency body toning (which feels like a warming massage), non-surgical face lifts (that don’t hurt) and peels (with no downtime) to eradicate dead, dull skin can definitely provide the additional boost to keep us motivated and seeing many positive small steps instead of heading for another one-off ‘big diet’ that lasts for a few weeks before we revert back to type. So if you’re feeling like putting your best foot forward, getting back to the gym or out in the fresh air, why not give yourself an additional treat when you reach your first mini-milestone, it really does keep the momentum up and means that your hard work will last longer, look better and feel fabulous.