Monday, 27 April 2015

April Article Online - Give your Skin a Spring Clean

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Skin Deep – April 2015 
South Warrington News

Welcome to ‘Skin Deep’ – This month’s feature looks at our ‘Give your Skin a Spring Clean’. Any questions, just ask Dr. Angie Winnington-Sharp or 01925 263660 & 07967 481594. 
Next month ‘It’s never too early to start working on your New Summer Body’.

Finally, we have a little sunshine in our lives, hurray. The Daffodils are out and looking gorgeous, which is a perfect reason for giving your skin a good Spring Clean. Products that are especially formulated to maximise radiance and lift and tone the skin needn’t be expensive if you know where to look. Most Skin Clinics will have done all the hard work for you, so take advantage of their selection process and find out what they recommend specifically for your skin. It may be a firming serum to get rid of any dull skin or puffiness around the eyes. It could be a retinol product for any problem areas that need a little specialist attention. It may even be an intensive moisturiser to give a youthful, fresh look. Don’t be tempted to go to the high-street and max’ out your credit card on the ‘super expensive celebrity endorsed’ products that are crammed full of perfumes and preservatives, they may feel nice to the touch, but if they don’t make you look a million dollars, why spend that amount on them!

For any specific queries on this topic please email and I will be happy to assist further.