Thursday, 30 October 2014

**October Flash Sale - 2 days left**

This is the last chance to take advantage of the multi-offer discount on treatments. The offer ends tomorrow at 5pm. An additional 10% discount is applicable to all treatments, even if you have been before and qualified for a loyalty discount, this offer hasn't been granted before and can mean a total saving of over 50% from the list price.
PLUS - ArtDeco Make-Up: spend over £50 on a treatment and get 20% off any product, spend over £100 and 'buy 1 get 1 free' - this is a limited offer with unprecedented savings from the elite make-up brand used on Emmerdale, Corrie, Soap Awards and more. If you don't need/want a treatment but would love some make-up there is also a 'buy one product, get an eye-shadow free' or '3 for 2' on our 2 select ranges (all products qualify) - great for early Christmas prezzie shopping or just a (Halloween) treat :) x

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

**What is the appeal of a chemical peel**

Well, there are many appeals as it happens...fresher skin, brighter, more nourished, rejuvenated appearance, the list goes on. Peels don't have to be aggressive or have any associated downtime. For the majority of people, a mild peel is sufficient to really give a boost and create a virtually flawless complexion. Of course, there are stronger peels available, ideal as an alternative to laser resurfacing and with no risk of scarring - any peel that you select should be tailor-made to treat your own skin imperfections, no matter how minimal or extensive they may be. In order to really get the most from our blogs and monthly articles in the local newspaper (link below) please respond directly to this blog, or email me directly and I'll be happy to reply to individual requests for information and advice. The most popular questions will then be compiled in an anonymous FAQ section for ease of reference. Happy reading everyone... (p16)

Friday, 17 October 2014

***Cheshire Skin Clinic - Tone-Up for Autumn - lose inches, literally!***

Well, well well, the Vibrostation and Radio-Frequency combo' treatment is proving to be a hit...speaking from personal experience I have lost over 2 inches from my waist already and feel fab'. This combo' treatment really does wonders, as long as done in conjunction with a healthy diet and sensible exercise, you can literally transform your body shape. The system itself is currently available to purchase via and is on special offer. If you are interested in an early Christmas present (i.e. your stepping stone to a fantastic physique) please email me and arrange to come and have a look at the machine in person, chat through the exercise settings and give it a go. 01925 263660

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Cheshire Skin Clinic - Latest Newspaper Article

Check out our latest advert on p5 and our latest article on looking great WITHOUT surgery p16

**Vibrate your way to a Great new Shape**

Cheshire Skin Clinic now has the latest VibroStation Technology. As a special intro' offer, anyone who has attended the clinic before can have a free session when booking one session at 50% off, hence 2 sessions at 1/4 of the list price, bargain! That is 2 FULL sessions for only £ time only. Wobble those wobbly bits an added incentive to anyone doing the 'Go Sober for October', it's a great way to burn calories and stay out of the pub :) email today

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

**Perfect Peels** - How to target sun damage, pigment and lots more

Skin Deep – October 2014

Welcome to ‘Skin Deep’ – This month’s feature looks at our ‘Peels and Pigment’. Any questions, just ask Dr. Angie Winnington-Sharp or 01925 263660 & 07967 481594. 
Next month – ‘Sporting Injuries, Muscular Sprains and Body Toning’.

The mention of a ‘chemical peel’ often instils fear into people, mainly due to many ‘sensationalist TV programs’ that only show extreme cases with very aggressive peels. The vast majority of peels are mild and can be done with little/no downtime.
Let’s face it, all products contain chemicals and the majority of them contain acids, but in a safe (low) percentage, hence there is no reason to misinterpret a peel as being ‘harmful’.
Peels can be exceptionally effective for rejuvenating tired/dull skin, getting rid of fine lines, unwanted pigmentation and sun damage, plus reducing scarring, acne, skin tags and a vast range of other dermatological conditions that are almost impossible to get treatments for on the NHS. In addition, they can be a great alternative to laser if someone is unsuitable for this treatment, or, conversely, they can enhance laser treatments if used in conjunction at appropriate time lapses.
Any professional clinic will start off at a ‘capped level’ to avoid skin damage and fully prepare the skin for any increase in strength that may be desired in the future. Common acid peels include Salicylic, Citric, Lactic, Malic and Azaelaic, plus combinations of these to multi-target areas. A professional skin clinic will also have the expertise to mix and formulate a peel specifically for an individual.
Depending on your individual goals it is possible to freshen the skin, clear congested skin and open pores. You may also want to eradicate fine lines/furrows and reduce the appearance of rosacea, hyperpigment and keratosis pilaris (rough/bumpy skin, looks as though covered in ‘goose pimples’).
The best results can be observed when combining treatments onto the neck and decollate at intervals, hence giving an even improvement. The use of products that repel water, but attract oils (lipophiles) also gives long-term anti-bacterial protection. So, for something that you can have in your lunch-break, why not treat your skin to the three beauty ‘Rs’: Radiance, Rejuvenation and (really) Ravishing.