Monday, 12 December 2011

Cheshire Skin Clinic says 'Be Skin-Coherent'! x

Skin Deep – December 2011
Welcome to ‘Skin Deep’ – This month’s feature looks at ‘Christmas Treats – the new trend ‘being Skin-Coherent’. Any questions, just ask Dr. Angie Winnington-Sharp or 01925 263660 & 07967 481594.  Next month we’ll be looking at ‘New Year Skin-Revolutions’.

Winter is here, time to take action and avoid your skin becoming one of the first victims of the cold, don’t be left in the dark when it comes to skin care for the season, be lit up with knowledge and be SKIN-COHERENT! This new trend, coined by the Cheshire Skin Clinic, incorporates all of the best ways in boosting your rejuvenation levels and tackling all aspects of skin care, in a coherent, consistent, professional, holistic and successful way.
Combination therapy is the key; an amalgamation of non-surgical laser, radio-frequency, chemical peels and dermal-roller techniques can now be used professionally to make you look better than ever.  Combining a selection of these with anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, medical serums, retinol formulations and permanent make-up can truly give you a new look that will amaze your friends and family and leave them saying ‘I’ll have what she’s having, please!’ The very best skin clinics will have professional consultants who are dedicated to a specific range of treatments that they specialise in, thus allowing you the finest treatment course appropriate for your skin, tailor-made packages, a holistic approach and supreme, paramount results. Now is an excellent time of year to take advantage of consultation and treatment combo’ offers at a clinic near you. Whatever your goals and dreams, there will be something out there that will make ‘all of your Christmas’s come this year’, why delay, start today – contact us now for further information and have a truly happy, gorgeous Christmas.