Tuesday, 21 October 2014

**What is the appeal of a chemical peel**

Well, there are many appeals as it happens...fresher skin, brighter, more nourished, rejuvenated appearance, the list goes on. Peels don't have to be aggressive or have any associated downtime. For the majority of people, a mild peel is sufficient to really give a boost and create a virtually flawless complexion. Of course, there are stronger peels available, ideal as an alternative to laser resurfacing and with no risk of scarring - any peel that you select should be tailor-made to treat your own skin imperfections, no matter how minimal or extensive they may be. In order to really get the most from our blogs and monthly articles in the local newspaper (link below) please respond directly to this blog, or email me directly and I'll be happy to reply to individual requests for information and advice. The most popular questions will then be compiled in an anonymous FAQ section for ease of reference. Happy reading everyone...

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