Wednesday, 19 November 2014

'Relief for Sporting Injuries' - South Warrington News

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Skin Deep – November 2014
South Warrington News

Welcome to ‘Skin Deep’ – This month’s feature looks at our ‘Sporting Injuries, Muscular Strains and Body Toning’. Any questions, just ask Dr. Angie Winnington-Sharp or 01925 263660 & 07967 481594. 
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Sporting injuries and muscular strains can be more than just uncomfortable, they can be a real hindrance to daily mobility and can prevent us doing exercise for prolonged periods of time. The longer we leave them, the more irritating, and serious, the offending area can become. A great way of rectifying movement/mobility in the area is to use non-invasive Radio-Frequency as a method of alleviating the discomfort and this can be done in sessions as short as 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of the affected area) at a local clinic. Common areas for injury treatments are the neck, shoulders, other joints and lower back.
In addition to this fantastic treatment, the same technology can also be used on the face, neck and chest for impressive non-surgical lifts. It can also be employed on the abdomen, upper arms and buttocks/thighs for body toning. The latter can be used in conjunction with a professional vibration plate to get exceptional results and visible contouring/inch loss.
It is certainly amazing, that such a simple technology can be used to achieve such different results all over the face and body, why not look into how it could help you achieve your goals today.