Monday, 4 April 2016

*Top Treatments for a Beautiful Pout*

Skin Deep – April 2016
South Warrington News

Welcome to ‘Skin Deep’ – This month’s feature looks at our ‘Top Treatments for Lips’.
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Next month ‘Body Essential Knowledge, including Stretch Marks, Sun Damage & Dry Skin’.

The delicate skin on the lips can actually reveal someone’s natural age earlier than other areas. Even unwanted skin anomalies such as pigmentation and fine lines can become accentuated around the mouth area, as it is somewhere that we naturally focus on during conversation. A range of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and barrier repair technology developed products can fortify the lip area. They do this by providing natural (botanical) assistive lipids derived from apples, dates, avocado and peppermint. These hydrate the area, assist with collagen, elastin, firmness and skin repair. This, in turn, decreases the natural ‘thinning’ of the skin on the lips, which can be particularly noticeable in women due to the higher percentage decrease in collagen production with age.

The lips also have less of the natural oils and lipids than the rest of the body, meaning that they are more susceptible to the evaporation of moisture. This leads directly to dryness, cracking and wrinkling. By applying lip balm continuously (to try and counter this) throughout the day can also pose problems as it can attract a build-up of bacteria and limits the natural turnover of dead skin cells. The additional benefit of soft-focus technology helps to diffuse the light, so that visible lines become less noticeable immediately. As ever, the best course of action is to speak to your skin specialist, who will be able to recommend a product that best fits your areas of concern, lifestyle and budget.